ParaPhrasing – Shadow People and Time Slips


prof-logo-blackOn this episode of ParaPhrasing the PROF team discuss Shadow People and perhaps some non-paranormal explanations, then later get into a heated discussion about Time Slips, famous claims, and whether this is even a paranormal topic or not. Do YOU agree with them? Listen in!

Crazy Train Ep. II July 26 2014


As promised “Buzz” and I tried to give you all a little more diversity in Canadian Indie Metal from across the Nation. With Iron Kingdom and Expain from Vancouver, to Cryptic Howling from Quebec, all the way to The Dumpster Mummy’s from Halifax and of course a great selection of Metal from right here in New Brunswick, including some Elevate the Virus from Saint John, Anesthesia from Fredericton and some Hard Charger, plus much more!

Hour II included some Maiden, NEW Judas Priest and some old Nuclear Assault and Sacrifice from way back in the late ’80′s early ’90′s!

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Rosie’s Juke Joint -Aired on July 19th


1. Smoke Wagon Blues Band Live In Hamilton Drinkin’ Hard And Steady
2. HarpDog Brown What It Is What It Is
3. HarpDog Brown What It Is Whiskey Bottle
******Blackie & The Rodeo Kings performing at the Larlee Creek Hulabaloo on Aug 16th******
4. Blackie & the Rodeo Kings South Gotta Stay Young
5. David Vest Roadhouse Revelation Santa Fe Steamer
6. David Vest Roadhouse Revelation Heart Full of Rock and Roll
7. Nighthawks Ten Years Live No Secrets
8. Mannish Boys Wrapped Up and Ready The Blues has Made me Whole
9. Dave and Phil Alvin Common Ground I Feel So Good
10. Dave and Phil Alvin Common Ground Stuff They Call Money
11. Ray Bonneville Easy Gone Who Do Call the Shots
12. Daunielle Daunielle Runaway Train
13. Ida Cox Graveyard Dream Blues

RFYL Episode: Skyblazin’


Run For Your Life! – the psychobilly rock show of zombie sharks



JPNSGRLS - Mushrooms
HighKicks - Get Crazy M’Lady
? - Mania
Verse The Sun - Ancients
Mos Generator - Enter The Fire
The Real McKenzies - Fool’s Road 
Bloody Diamonds - Bright Lights Darling
Kill Matilda - Pomegranate
Beneath the Grid Music - Sunshine & Bullets - Now or Never
Bella Clava - Red River Rain and Amnesty / Amnesia
ChronGoblin - Control
Shades of Sorrow - Skyblazing

Send requests in at RunForYourLifeCHSR [at] gmail [dot] com !

Homemade Jams 2014-07-25 – Shifty!

HJTrack Listing:

1.) Motherhood – Introduction

2.) Motherhood – Dosey Doe

3.) Motherhood – Dosey Dos

4.) Motherhood – Caddy Whack Pt. 1

5.) Motherhood – Caddy Whack Pt. 2 (Give A Dog A Bone)

6.) Shorty Tubbs – Teenage Zombie Heart

7.) Shorty Tubbs – Lulu

8.) Maiden Names – Cattle Prod

9.) Maiden Names – White As Milk

10.) Maiden Names – Dirty Work/Easy Money

11.) The Waking Night – Sundried Tomatoes

12.) The Waking Night – Hanging Cloud

13.) Burning Coast – Stranger

14.) Motherhood – Dead Water/ABE

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